Sunday, 12 July 2015


So today I came back from church feeling blessed and loving towards my family members (single lady still living at home).  So I decided to make a special African delicacy.  And ABACHA agworagwo came to my mind.  So I went to the market and bought  the ingredients.  I have now finished and I would like to share my remedy with all of you my lovely people. here goes.

1) the ABACHA (thinly shredded cassava strips)
2) ugba or ukpaka (shredded oil bean *optional I did not put it because I prefer my ABACHA being ABACHA and not ABACHA and ugba. Here I go rambling again. )
3) potash (akawu) or ntu-ngu.
4) Cray fish.
5) kpomo
6) smoked fish.
7) onions
8) pepper
9) salt and maggi
10) red oil
11) ehiri
12) garden egg or garden egg leave.
13) utazi.

1) First boil hot water and soak the ABACHA for 2 minutes  then put it in a sieve and drain the water while the heat permeates the ABACHA to soften it a bit but still give it a rubbery feel in the mouth.
2)  while the water is draining out,  you cut and wash the kpomo and cook it till it is soft,  then if your smoked fish is not soft,  you can cook it so that it will be soft and add spices to it so that it can be eaten  alone if one like.
3)then you pound or blend ( I prefered to pound makes me feel like I am a part of Chinua Achebe's thing fall apart specifically married to okonkwo" the pepper,  the ehiri and the crayfish then keep it aside.
4) then you cut the garden egg or its leaves,  the onions and the utazi and keep aside.
5) then pour a cooking spoon of oil into a big bowl,  then pour in the melted potash into the water to form the paste and give is a yellow color.
6) next you put in the pounded pepper,  crayfish and ehiri (african nutmeg),  and turn the paste until it is thick.
7) then you put the abacha into the paste,  the garden egg,  and the onions.
8) then you put the utazi,  the maggi,  and the salt to taste.
9) then you serve on a very beautiful plate and garnish with the kpomo and the fish.
10) bon appetite.
So I have finished making my igbo,  Nigerian,  African delicacy,  I have dished it and I'm sure they will enjoy  it.